Friday, May 28, 2010

My Science Report-Noise Pollution

My report is on a very serious issue noise pollution. I will tell you what it is and what causes it. Also what are the affects of it and how we can help prevent it. This issue has become more serious over time and we really need to stop it. If stopping it takes one person or whole community it shouldn’t matter. This really shouldn’t be happening and hopefully will stop soon if everyone pitches in.

Noise pollution is a type of energy pollution in which distracting, sounds are freely audible. Noise pollution is not made up of physical particles it is made up of waves that mix with natural occurring- waves of the same environment. There are different types of noise pollution. No matter what causes it, it is considered noise pollution if it affects wild or human life, or if it is damaging physical structures on regular repeating bases. Noise pollution is very displeasing to humans, animals, and any other creatures that live on planet Earth.

There is a wide variety of things that cause noise pollution. The hard things to fix would be the area of the railway and train stations, the construction of building’s, highways and city streets, and the noise of plumbing, boilers, generators, air conditioners and fans. The things that people could fix that are not as noisy but are still a problem are the noise of mixers, vacuums, and other kitchen appliances. There are lots of causes for this problem. Some other ones are the noise of horns and whistles at train stations, machinery, motors, air compressors and low flying military aircrafts.

There are a wide variety of effects from noise pollution. It affects many living things including people, animals and surprisingly plants. It affects animals by causing them stress form not being able to sleep. It can also cause animals death because the noise may interfere with the balance of predator and pray. It affects humans sleep and can also cause hearing loss, hypertension, and tinnitus. Tinnitus is an illness which may lead to forgetfulness. Like I told you before noise pollution can also cause plants harm. It will cause plants harm not from the actual noise but from the vibrating of the noise. As you can see this is a more serious issue then most people think.

Noise pollution is a major problem but could be fixed pretty easily if everyone pitches in. Some things that people could do to help would be to get soundproof doors and windows put in, ride the bus because the noise of all the cars is very loud, and if you live in a place where you can, plant trees around your home. Then there are some things in which people can not fix without a lot of help or they can’t fix at all. These things consist of moving factories and industries off into far places, banning speakers from our society and just simply telling people to be quiet. People can be told to be quiet but that doesn’t mean they will listen. So if people are quiet and they do pitch in to help the government and other people to do these things this problem could be fixed.

In conclusion noise pollution is an environmental affect that is made up of waves that mix with other natural- waves of the same environment. It causes harm to many people, animals, and plants. Some causes of this problem consist of traffic noise, machinery, trains and the construction of buildings. To help this problem people can do many things including putting in soundproof doors and windows, putting trees around your yard and taking the bus.

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